Saturday, August 30, 2014

Royal Reservations at United-21 Lake City Resort, Udaipur

Imagine yourself waking up one morning like a king and walking towards your palace garnished with splendid gardens, chiseled kiosks and fountains of royal wisdom. This is exactly the feeling you will get when you visit the 'City of Lakes and Palaces' – Udaipur with its rich cultural, social and natural heritage. It is located in the state of Rajasthan and has a different story to tell like other diverse and colorful cultures that can be seen in India.
United-21 Lake City Resort, Udaipur
One of the tastes of royal living is our United-21 Lake City Resort, a budget resort located in the Malvi, a Tehsil, of Udaipur city that welcomes all, from business travelers to leisure tourists. This is a unique harmonic profusion of royal heritage blended with modern amenities that will surely cherish your stay in a royal Rajputana style.

Being opposite the city airport, this place is well-connected and offers a chance to relax and to get energized. This aesthetically-designed resort is a cluster of spacious and tidy cottages categorized in 'Badi Haveli' and 'Choti Haveli' forms of royal accommodation that remind you every bit of the architecture that the city abounds in. These are all air-conditioned rooms with Wi-Fi, classified depending upon individual needs and budgets.
Outside area United-21 Lake City Resort, Udaipur
The resort has 4 well-maintained big lawns with each room naturally scented from various aromatic flowers from the gardens in the front. There are 3 landscaped gardens that can extensively accommodate guests for party or marriage events. The food offered in the multi-cuisine restaurant is such a real treat, keeping in mind to the local taste also, that it is a food-fiesta here everyday and can be rated as excellent for so much to choose from.

Our professional staff is at their hospitable best and also very polite. They give special attention to all guests and it doesn't limit here, they are also very helpful in guiding and assisting you to take a tour across the city. This is the reason why we are often praised by our guests that compliment us by saying 'when we visit Udaipur again', there is no doubt where we will stay.

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